Let It Burn

1046345123_1378666307My daughter’s bicycle was stolen from the front lawn yesterday….and it may be the best thing to ever happen to her.

Madison greets me at the door, huge tears streaming down her face, barely able to tell me what’s wrong.  In that moment, the Mommy/Protector in me almost took over. I didn’t want her to feel the hurt or the loss. I didn’t want her to feel regret that she didn’t put her bike up, despite her Stepdad’s constant reminders to do just that. I didn’t even want her to have to say the words- “Mom, my bike was stolen” -out loud…Then something within me pressed pause…and I realized that in protecting her, I’d also be stealing from her a very important opportunity.

All of us have had those moments in life that we’d love to forget-  a bad day in court, a breakup, a terrible presentation at work, a failed project, a car accident. When these things happen- and we are at fault- it’s even worse… But I’ve learned that the lesson is usually hidden somewhere in the pain. That’s why when we mess up- we need to let it burn. We need to sit for a while with our feelings.

I don’t think Maddie will never again want to feel like she felt yesterday . She will never want to lose anything precious to her because she didn’t take care of it. And because I spend time with my hurt, disappointment, and loss- I’ll never want to walk into a courtroom underprepared…or hurt someone I care about…or overspend…or overeat…or skip my workout…or drive while distracted… ever again…