The Final Lap

finish-lineWinners FINISH strong…period. It really doesn’t even matter how they begin. The important thing is they make a move towards reaching a goal, and they make that move with the END in mind.

SIDEBAR CONFESSION: I’m a giver. I tend to pour all I have into the people and projects in my life…and because of that, I’m probably losing. Why???  Well, If I think of my journey towards each goal as a 800 meter race (two laps around an Olympic track)-I’m losing because I rarely conserve anything for my final lap.

We are conditioned to give our all to everything. We think that makes us the best. However, I’ve observed a common thread among those who are at the top of their game. While winners pursue those things that feed their end goal with reckless abandon- they simply don’t give as much to those things that don’t. As a matter of fact, they may neglect some things altogether (i.e. sleep, long showers, their day job).  The next Whitney Houston may wait tables for money today, but what would be the point in giving so much to that job that she has nothing left over to give on stage or in the studio?

The key, I believe, is understanding where you are in life. Are you working a “first lap” job, are you in a “first lap” relationship?  If you aren’t fulfilled, if you find yourself longing for probably are.  And if you are, then why would you want to give everything you’ll ever have to give before you can get where you need to be??? I know I don’t. I have a finish line to get to….


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