My Power Shoe


My name is Shannon and I’m a nonconformist.  Four years ago, I gleefully (if somewhat naively) exited the worlds of entrepreneurship, BYOB,  make your own schedule, and draft your own dress code- for an opportunity to pursue the world of law.  Enter a whole new world- one that awards tradition, conformity, predictability, self-sacrifice, and repetition. The reward? Money.Power.Influence… Well certainly more money, power, and influence than I ever gained just by being me.  So began my journey in pursuit of these rewards- things that previously held little weight in my big picture. I became a faceless black (or blue or gray) suit. I purchased a pair of red stilettos for my first court appearance. These became my power shoe- my proverbial red cape. They reminded me that I wasn’t just a Superwoman. I was SuperLawyer, SuperMom,  SuperFriend, SuperVolunteer, SuperNeighbor- the list goes on and on. Then one day I realized that I was still super miserable.

I’m in a happy space now- and that has everything to do with me redefining what that red stiletto meant to me. Oh, I still feel powerful when I put them on. However, that power rests in my ability to choose NOT to be “super” anything. That doesn’t mean that I have settled for mediocrity. It means I have discovered that my greatest gift is the ability to autonomously decide what makes me my best me. That said, each step of my journey has included a lesson (or five or six)- and maybe the things shared here will be helpful along your journey to defining what your power shoe means to you.


3 thoughts on “My Power Shoe

  1. Love this! And I have learn something new about you lol I did not know that you were previously an entrepreneur. I look forward to seeing what you do with this blog.

  2. You are really discovering who you are, and have given me plenty to think about in discovering my purpose on this earth. So looking forward to future Red Stiletto blogs. Simply awesome. Can’ t wait to see what ‘s next!

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